Your Bathroom Remodel in 6 Easy Steps!

Numero Uno.

Choose Your Bathroom Remodel's Design Style

The first step in your Bathroom Remodel project is to decide on an overall theme or color scheme. Deciding specific elements that you like such as shower tile, floor tile, or fixtures, can be a great way of getting started on your project. Using sites like or the Pinterest app is an easy way to generate new and creative ideas, as well as to keep your own ideas thoughtfully organized. Another good idea is to keep notes on what specific elements you admire about each of your findings. Bathroom Remodels can be an extremely fun and rewarding project, but don't forget to stay organized!

Step duex

Team Up with A Bathroom Remodel Pro

The next step in your process is to partner up with a qualified remodeling and renovations contractor. Working with the right contractor will help you to design and lay out your dream bathroom as well as, actually execute the project itself. When selecting a contractor (cough* cough*) Be sure to above all else, work with a contractor who you feel comfortable with and who doesn't treat you or your home like the next big paycheck!

Step 3

Set Your Budget

Step 3

Work with your contractor to Set your budget

Next to full-blown home renovations and additions, kitchen and bathroom remodels are two of the most expensive projects in your home. In the Washington metropolitan area, a full bathroom remodel on a standard 5 x 7 bathroom can average up to $16,000. Larger more complex bathroom remodels can reach even higher. Obviously, this number is deeply affected by the materials, fixtures and layout that you choose, so working with a designer or contractor from the start can really help to set a proper budget and expectation for your project.


Step Four

Select your fixtures

Select your fixtures and materials

So here's were some real fun begins. Selecting your materials can be a daunting but exciting task. There are such a variety of options! From accent tiling to vanity mirrors & lighting, this is where your inspiration notes will definitely come in handy. Don't be afraid to share your Pinterest board or idea book with your contractor. They should be more than willing to look through your compiled notes and ideas to help select the right materials with you. At this point, taking trips to local kitchen and bath showrooms, tradeshows, and local suppliers will be a necessary step in selecting the best fixtures and materials for your taste.


Numero Cinco

Begin the Construction

Step Cinco

Begin construction

Now this is where all the magic happens. The beginning of construction is typically the most exciting moment for homeowners in this process, that is, until day two. Demolition and construction is a loud and messy event, but don't let it discourage you from looking forward to the end result. Keep your eyes on the prize! Prepare yourself for obstacles or possible mishaps during the process, this is the nature of the business & why it's important to work with a team that is dedicated to working through the process with you! They will have a plan to keep your project moving and on track.


Bathroom Remodel Before and After

Finally, Step 6

The BIG Reveal

Step 6

The Big Reveal!

Watching your project come together can be in extremely fun enjoyable and rewarding process. Your bathroom will go from being a complete war zone to a clean space and before you know it you will have a new and upgraded bathroom better than it's ever been before. Enjoy the rewards for. your hard work, money spent and patience! 

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