Interior Painting

We all spend a great deal of time in our Northern Virginia homes. Did you know that dull paint or colors in the rooms of your home contribute to a dull atmosphere and can have an impact on your emotional well being? Bringing a fresh coat of paint to your Northern Virginia home interior can will bring a bright and vibrant feel to your atmosphere.

A fresh paint job on your home's interior will also protect your walls & refurbish them when your ready move or put your home on the market. If you are moving into a new Northern Virginia home and notice scuffs and scratches, Elevate Home Improvements can erase them all with a fresh coat of paint under our Painter For A Day special!.

When you trust Elevate Home Improvements for your residential interior painting needs, you also don't have to worry about the danger and potentially damaging effects of paint fumes. The professional team of painters at Elevate Home Improvements can finish the painting project while you are away so that you won't have to worry about inhaling fumes.

For family members with asthma or other lung problems, this can be a substantial benefit to our services.

Exterior Painting


Whether you just moved into your new Northern Virginia neighborhood, or you've been there for years, you always want your home's exterior to make the right impression.

If your home's brick, siding, shutters or doors need a fresh coat of paint, Elevate Home Improvements can and will handle the contract quickly and easily - tailored to fit your personal, individualized needs.


You would be amazed how much a fresh coat of paint on the exterior of a residential building can refresh and revamp the appearance of a home.If you do not like the appearance of your residential building or feel like you need a change, simply changing the color of your residential building can make a huge difference.

Check out the exterior painting packages and specials here!